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Transfer Direction


Transfer Point


1 Persons

Baby/Child Seat


Minibus max 13 pax
Minibus max 13 pax/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 13 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 13 Luggages
VIP Vito
VIP Vito/ Private Transfer
Person Capacity: 1 - 6 Persons
Luggage Capacity: 6 Luggages

Side - Gazipasa Airport Transfer

You have made all of your plans to enjoy your summer holiday trip,however,in the last minute you remembered that you didn’t make any plans about your transfer! How frustrating,right? But you don’t need to worry because there is Pi Transfer! Pi transfer will provide you the opportunity to get the best out of your holiday by taking you from  Gazipaşa ,which is one of the most active airports of Mediterranean,to wherever you want safely and comfortably. Thanks to Pi Transfer,your holiday won’t be a disaster from the very beginning.

What is the distance between Gazipaşa Airport and Side?

The approximate distance you need to go through in order to reach Side from Gazipaşa Airport which is located  in Antalya Alanya is around 110 kilometers.Your 110 kilometer long trip lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes with the comfort of Pi Transfer.

What are the routes in the transfer process?

When you use services of Gazipaşa Airport Side Transfer, a short but an unforgettable trip will be waiting for you.On your way to Alanya,you will see the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea on your left. Even though Gazipaşa Airport is in Alanya,it is a little far from the city center. After leaving Alanya behind,you arrive to your last destination Side while going through Manavgat.

Choose Pi Transfer for a perfect transfer

In order to have an amazing experience in the beginning of your holiday,Pi Transfer will be the right choice for you. Pi Transfer, which is the most preferred transfer company in the region when it's Side airport transfer, offers you perfect solutions with its service quality.With its cheerful staff and a variety of car portfolio that can answer all your needs,you can choose our firm with ease. In Pi Transfer services,you won’t have to face casual problems like ‘‘There’s no car left’’ and we get the problems like being late or waiting out of your life.You can now take a look at our cars and reserve any car you want if you want to have a safe,comfortable, luxurious and joyful transfer process with your loved ones.

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